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How It Works

You can deliver your first BRC report on training day. It all starts with becoming a Building Reports Canada Member. Register today.

  • Start-up License: one-time license fee that includes a lifetime of updates + appropriate membership fee
  • Launch time: we are ready to go when you are
  • Training: technicians and office staff

Schedule Inspection/Repair Work

  • Reoccurring schedules are set up with the building information and automatically populate in your calendar.
  • Set up unique events such as service calls or repair work with a click or two.
  • After receiving an email confirmation from the building owner/representative, schedules are seamlessly available to the technicians via their handhelds or phone.

Complete Inspection (Handheld ScanSeries® / BRForms®)

  • Barcodes placed on or near each device allow for easy documentation using Android or iOS platforms on mobile devices such as phones.
  • Upon scanning the barcode, all device-specific info will appear except for any fields where new readings are required.
  • All findings are documented easily, including one-touch Discrepancies and Solutions.
  • Customizable BRForms® allow any existing unique form to be digitized and completed on the mobile device.

Issue Report

  • Results are uploaded to the Member's web portal, and reports are immediately available.
  • Online reports are formatted to meet local code & standard requirements.
  • Immediate and easy access to review and audit reports internally.
  • Device-specific reports such as Curves for pump tests, Checklists for fire alarm devices and Service Forecasts for extinguishers are created seamlessly.
  • Access is provided to clients via a unique user name and password.

Documenting Time & Material (Service Tickets)

  • From the handheld, technicians can document time & material when necessary.
  • Time & material items can be imported instantly from an accounting system.
  • Real-time updates are available to office staff.

System Integration (API)

Members who need to update a system/software used in another part of the company (i.e., Accounting, Operations, or Management Systems) have access to their BRC data ensuring efficiency across all platforms.

Hassle-free Documentation

Easy-to-use Inspection Reporting app

The Building Reports Impact

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