Trusted Partner in the Planning, Execution and Delivery of Fire and Life Safety Inspections

Building Owners / Property Managers

Building Owners/Property Managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring Fire & Life Safety systems are working and comply with regulatory codes and standards. Building Reports Canada offers tools to help manage your vendors and documentation requirements.

Inspection Documentation Software

Do you manage & complete inspections? Here's how we can help.

  • Efficient and dependable documenting of inspections
  • Integrated scheduling and service ticket management
  • Secure, compliant, and easy to access reports
  • BRC Tech support every step of the way

Compliance Tracking Tool

Are you responsible for maintaining fire code compliance in your building or portfolio? Here's how we can help.

  • Know your compliance status 24/7
  • Access any report type (i.e., PDF) by building and/or requirement
  • Manage due dates to stay compliant
  • Connect all stakeholders to one source