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ComplianceAssistant: Compliance Tracking Tool

The Problem

Imagine. The fire department appears at the door asking for specific documentation supporting the completion of various requirements such as all annual inspections or proof of fire drills. Do you know if all requirements were fulfilled, where the documentation is filed, and that all necessary repairs were completed?

The Situation

Keeping track of the who, what, and when of Fire & Life Safety requirements can be overwhelming. The Fire Code and various standards referenced in Canada, in addition to your specific building attributes, dictate what needs to be tracked and completed. The challenge is ensuring the requirements are identified and completed, the documentation/reports are filed, and nothing is missed.

The Solution

ComplianceAssistant powered by Building Reports Canada has one-click access to each of your buildings and its requirements/standard documents such as the sequence of operation or fire safety plans.

You get a graphic view via your dashboard of what remains with failures and what is outstanding, providing you with a snapshot of your status.

Service companies and specific staff can submit reports and documents for review. They and you can locate them quickly (PDF, etc.).

You can receive automatic notifications for upcoming or late items.

All previous reports and documents are available to view 24/7.

The Result

You'll know your compliance level instantly and avoid fines, fees, or citations.

Imagine—no more sifting through paperwork or chasing down contacts from multiple vendors.

You can be confident that your legal Fire and Life Safety requirements are obtainable.

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